Professional Applications


Let us take the yard work off your plate and onto ours!

In order for your lawn to grow, it needs nutrition — just like people. Fertilizer provides the nutrition your lawn needs to be healthy and strong and to continue growing and staying green and vibrant through the seasons. Proper fertilization is an important part of any complete residential lawn care plan.

At Cutting Edge Lawn & Landscaping, we work closely with our customers to develop customized lawn fertilization plans to ensure that their lawns receive the nutrition they need to grow. We use high-quality, control release fertilizers designed to encourage and stimulate turf growth. Contact a fertilization expert from our team at Cutting Edge to learn more about our lawn care and maintenance service packages.

Turf Management

The Premium VI

A six step fertilization program that utilizes the most effective feeding and control products on the market.

The Natural Approach

A six step integrated fertilization program that incorporates organic matter, biostimulants and beneficial bacteria’s. Here we concentrate our efforts on boosting soil biology while maintaining curb appeal.

The Zero Percent Theory

A unique 6 step turf program that uses no pesticides. Now you have the opportunity to enjoy your lawn without a single drop of synthetic chemicals.


Tree & Shrub Plant Health Care

Mother Nature’s Soft Drink

A complex plant health care that covers all of the bases.

Spotted Lantern Fly (SLF)

Prevention & Control

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)

Prevention & Control

Vigor & Immunity

Scheduled nutrient and fungus control feedings

Winter Guard

Anti-desiccant. Keep your plants safe from winter burn

Mosquito Control

100% Natural: An annual 7 visit mosquito control schedule.

Pesticide Services (Prevention & Eradication)

-Soil Sterilization
– Flea & Tick (prevention & control )
– Undesirable Vegetation control
– Evasive weed control on turf
– Turf and Hedge Growth Regulation
– Organic, Natural and low impact applications for school systems , park and other
sensitive areas.


Spring Sign Ups

Any referral that successfully ops into one of The Cutting Edge Programs will receive 1 free round out the scheduled 6 steps.