Keep your home beautiful year round

Horticulture is defined as the art of cultivating and managing a garden, or the science of growing fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants. The idea encompasses aspects of both beauty and functionality. Keeping your property green and lovely year round is a big job, but it is one that we can manage for you. At Cutting Edge, we offer advanced planting services for our customers around Pennington, Hopewell, Princeton and surrounding towns.

Our experts have horticulture training, which allows us to design landscapes around multi-seasonal flowers and annuals. This ensures your landscape stays gorgeous even when the seasons change, with bright colors to enjoy throughout the year. Our seasonal color program is scientific, unique, and specialized to the desires and preferences of our customers and the climates where they live.

Creating a Flower Garden

Flower gardens are an excellent way to add color to a landscape. If you own a company, a flower garden can attract potential customers. For homeowners, a flower garden can increase the value of your property. When creating a flower garden, there are certain factors to keep in mind.

Flower gardens give you the opportunity to unleash your creative talent on your landscape. Flowers come in a large array of color, and when chosen carefully, they can add a lot of aesthetic appeal to a property. If there is a specific color you want to highlight with your flower garden, look for hues that can support or balance the predominant color. Our landscape designers can help you choose the flowers to match the colors you want to highlight. We have years of experience in designing flower gardens that add to the landscape.

Planting project in Princeton NJ

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Tree Planting

If you are looking to add trees to your landscape, the first step is considering what you are trying to achieve. Trees can add a lot to any site, from extra shade to enhanced soil. The primary purpose of the trees determines the type of trees to plant, the number of trees you will need, and where to place them.

Tree planting is an art form. If done right, tree planting can add a defining effect or atmosphere to a landscape. They can add charm, color, or grace to a garden and accentuate bushes, flower beds, and other features. The kind of tree you should plant depends on the landscape and your personal tastes.

Serving our customers with care and professionalism

You can rely on us to provide professional service that keeps your home beautiful and your family happy. Maintaining regular care of residential landscapes is an important part of what we do. We offer several seasonal care programs tailored to our customers’ needs and varying in intensity.