The Natural Approach

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The Natural Approach – A six step fertilization program that includes low risk pesticide control solutions. We focus on soil biology and fertility by incorporating biostimulants, beneficial bacteria’s and organic matter.

Phase one

Application: Spring fertilizer containing extended pre-emergent control, organic matter and micro nutrients.

Function: We begin by waking the turf up with ample amount of macro nutrients. Followed by inoculation of organic matter into the soil structure. A pre-emergent barrier is also set into place to protect the lawn from outbreak of evasive weeds like Annual Bluegrass (Poa annua), Barnyardgrass, Carpetweed-04, Chickweed (common), Chickweed (mousear), Crabgrass (large
and smooth) etc.


Application: Spring fertilizer containing extended pre-emergent control, organic matter and micro nutrients.

Function: Continue to incorporate organic matter in conjunction with a 2nd application of pre-emergent control, alternating active ingredients to increase efficacy and stop resistance build up.


Application: Early Summer fertilizer containing TRI FORCE technology.

Function: TriForce is an organic bridge product containing beneficial bacteria, humates and micro-nutrients that has been specifically formulated to help correct deficiencies and improve the soil structure.


Application: Summer Fertilization with Surface insect and Grub control prevention.

Function: Insecticide and Grub Preventer provides control of a wide-range of insects from White Grubs, Black ataenius, European chafer and imported fire ants to billbugs, armyworms and cutworms. Acelepryn is registered by the Environmental Protection Agency under its Reduced Risk Program*. Additionally, Acelepryn does not have a signal word on its label because of the results of required acute toxicity studies conducted on the formulation. It is a good fit for controlling insects on lawns, sport fields and golf courses where preservation of beneficial and non-target organisms is a concern. No known adverse effects on beneficial and non-target organisms including earthworms and honeybees.


Application: Summer Recovery

Function: Promotes a highly productive microbial system in the soil. Highly beneficial to plant growth and because of the potassium phosphite bodes a preventive fungicidal property.


Application: Spherical Limestone

Function: PhysioCal is different from traditional lime-based soil conditioners in that it contains the biostimulant Humistim. Together, the Calcimer and Humistim work to stimulate soil microbes to breakdown organic material into plant available nutrients, with an enhanced micro pH, and more complete nutrition with additional N, Ca, S and Mg.

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