Zero Percent pesticide program

Simply put we are professional licensed pesticide applicators that understand the scope and ramifications of each product we use.  This goes for environmental impact and the services as a consumer that you are expecting to see from Cutting Edge. With this understanding in place it leads us into the conversation of full organic/natural approach.  We owe these special products a proper representation that goes for their expectations and limitations. What we are doing here is offering a truly environmentally benign turf management program that is conscious of your pets, your children, water contamination and the environment.  Opting into the “Zero Theory” signifies the understanding that we sacrifice some efficacy (75% control of pests rather than 99%) to be awarded with a safer stasis around everything you care about.


We begin in early Spring and take an assessment of the lawn.  If we feel as if the property is lacking in turf vs actual square footage we will recommend Spring Seeding followed by aeration.

Whether we seed or not our first application will consist of a balanced fertilizer in combination with a pre-emergent control to begin setting up a barrier.


Between 4-6 weeks after the first application we lay down another fertilizer with pre-emergent for longer residual control against weeds.  Followed by a broadcast application of post weed control.


For our third application we inoculate the soil by applying a consortium of microbes that promotes a highly productive microbial system in the soil.


At this point in the season we apply surface insect control and grub prevention. Followed by a granular application of 100% organic matter containing beneficial Bacteria, humates and micro-nutrients that has been specifically formulated to help correct deficiencies and improve the soil structure.


Here we provide a fall fertilizer to continue with growth and vigor.  We continue grooming weeds out and scanning the lawn. We will also, strongly recommend fall time seeding followed by aeration.


Our final application will consist of a high purity limestone specially formulated with an organic acid (Polyhydroxycarboxylic Acid) for balancing ph.

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