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Cutting Edge Lawn & Landscaping is a grounds care company providing full service Pennington landscaping. Our established systems allow us to deliver industry-leading lawn care and landscape solutions to commercial and residential clients. The first thing you should know is that Cutting Edge is committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations. In fact, our company mission is to enhance the beauty and value of every client’s property while exceeding their expectations every step of the way. As you browse through our site, we think you’ll see this mission come to life in the photos of our award-winning projects and through the words of our clients.

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landscaping pennington nj

Lawn and Landscape Maintenance Service in Pennington NJ

Your landscape is a big investment: one that lives and breathes. As with all living things, special care and attention are needed in order to remain healthy and beautiful. However, “care & attention” are not enough, a lawn and garden must be nurtured and loved by a horticultural expert in order to reach its greatest potential.  This is who Cutting Edge is, and this is what we do. We are not a company that strives to mow the most lawns or blow the most leaves.  There are plenty of companies that are about speed and volume.  We want to be your personal gardener, your horticultural expert, your proactive problem solver and your first call for anything outside the home. We are your go to for Pennington landscaping maintenance. 

Have the beautiful landscape you deserve

Our team of professionals are dedicated to the art of creating your perfect landscape. We understand that the entire process begins and ends with you – the customer. That is why your initial visit will focus primarily on understanding your goals and hopes for your yard. Having devoted ourselves to continued education, we are confident that every crew member will provide you with the best lawn maintenance services in Pennington. Combined with our dedication to total transparency and customer accommodation, we provide the best results and service experience in the area! All you have to do is envision what you want your yard to be, and we can make it happen! Call us at 609-356-3465 or contact us for a free consultation today!

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Pennington Landscape Design

You’ve done what you can to keep up with your property’s landscape, but your efforts can only go so far when you’re working with a bad layout. Don’t settle for a shabby, sad patch of grass—breathe new life into your landscape by contacting Cutting Edge Lawn & Landscaping. Our landscapers can design a new landscape plan that will complement your property’s natural features. We’ll recommend the best plants, hardscape features and more for the job and handle all planting and installation.

Maximize your landscape’s potential

If you’re ready to give your residential or commercial landscape a major makeover, schedule a consultation with Cutting Edge. We offer a variety of landscaping services to make sure your new landscape design is handled smoothly. We’ll handle all:

  • Planting
  • Hardscaping
  • Mulching
  • Grading
  • Much More

Discuss your landscaping ideas with one of our team members. We’ll draw up a plan that works for your needs and budget! Call us at 609-356-3465 today.

Tree Planting, Garden & Bed Maintenance

Our horticulturally-educated and trained garden planners and care teams make your garden and landscape beds picture-perfect by removing debris, keeping beds edged and weed-free by turning, fluffing and loosening soil and mulch for optimum water percolation and ideal growing conditions. Whether your beds need maintenance weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or just a few times a year, our teams will make it so you spend more time enjoying your yard and less time working on it. In executing our services, we get a chance to dig in and get our hands dirty while getting close to your plants. We’ll keep an eye out for pest and disease outbreaks and suggest measures to combat whatever pops up.

lawn service pennington nj

Seasonal Color for Your Home

Strategically placed annuals and perennials can turn an ordinary garden into a show stopper. From open bed areas to effectively placed, dynamic potting arrangements, window planters and décor, your home can become the definition of year round color. Our expertise with perennials, annuals, and bulbs assures all plants are positioned to meet ideal sun, moisture, and space requirements. We also can provide annual deadheading, timely fertilization and perennial division as needed.

Plant Healthcare

Specialized applications of nutrients and fertilizers give your trees and shrubs ideal conditions to flourish with health and beauty for years to come. To develop the best approach, we analyze soil conditions via soil tests to access hidden information about your soil, beds, and plants. This critical information helps us create custom programs which specifically cater to your site conditions and plant material needs.

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