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Did you know 1 out of every 5 minutes spent online is on social media? Social media now impacts purchasing decisions just as much as television. Busy business leaders don’t have time to develop and implement the right social media strategy to attract customers and grow their business, but today this medium is critical for growth in modern marketing. With the right content and social media marketing strategy, you’ll get in front of more potential clients, generate new business, and create loyalty with existing clients. Your Juniper Content & Social Team has extensive experience in your industry, so you’ll get the right strategies to help you reach and convert more customers.

Social consultancy

Let’s play a game: how many social media platforms can you name? Most business owners we work with make it to 3-4 and that’s it — but there are much more happening platforms out there and they all attract specific audiences. Where does your ideal client hang out? We can help you figure it out, plus help you define your brand personality and your overall tone of voice that will turn your prospects not just into clients, but into fans and brand ambassadors.

Once you have your overall social media strategy mapped out, we’ll create a specific advertising strategy that’s effective in both attracting new prospects and creating sales funnels that will make them take out their credit cards. We do that by combining the power of pay-per-click ads with the outreach of our network of social influencers, and implementing consistent cross-channel promotions that increase your conversion rates.

In order to be effective, your social media communication with your clients has to be relevant and consistent. How much thought do you put in a post before you post it? How do you reply to comments, questions, and reviews? How fast do you answer messages? If you don’t have the comprehensive social media strategy we know you need in order to convert viewers into action takers, you won’t have the time to consider exactly what you’re doing and what needs to be done on all the different platforms. We have the time to consider it — and even more importantly, we also have the experience to turn every part of the communication process into a potential sale-closing activity.

Sophisticated reporting and analysis

Most social media platforms provide excellent monitoring and reporting tools, but many inexperienced “experts” don’t know how to take full advantage of them. We constantly review and analyze data, and use it to optimize your ROI.

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