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Generate High-Quality Leads for Your Business

Are you reaching your most ideal audiences online? With digital advertising, you can get seen by more potential customers whether they’re searching online for specific services, checking their email or browsing their favorite social media or news sites.

Our Scorpion team helps you launch pay-per-click (PPC), display, video, retargeting and social media ad campaigns targeted to the right online users and optimized to maximize your return on investment (ROI).

PPC analysis

We begin with a smart PPC analysis of your current campaigns and their performance. Our experience allows us to immediately notice what can be improved.

AdWords is one of the most effective online marketing channels. In short, to make the best of it, you need to lower your costs and increase your conversion rates. Easier said than done, right? Not for us. Comrade’s comprehensive approach includes optimization of your target keywords, filtering useless traffic, improving your ad messages and testing landing pages until we find the one with the highest conversion rates. Our goal is not to just show ads, but to create brand interactions that inspire long lasting client-business relationships. To do so, we use the power of search ads, display advertising, social media and content marketing.

PPC on Mobile

Over half of all users browse the Internet on a mobile device, and mobile PPC has its specifics. To make the best of that traffic, you need responsive ads and landing pages that are readable and look good when seen on a phone screen.

Retargeted marketing

Not all lost sales are lost. In fact, research shows that retargeted clients are 70% more likely to buy from you than from a competitor.

Why is retargeting so effective? Simple! People like to shop around. If you attract a prospect during this stage of the purchasing process, it’s only natural that you won’t close the sale. It’s not because your service or product isn’t good or isn’t priced right, but it’s actually because customers are not ready to pull the trigger yet. This is where our team of retargeting experts comes in. We look at your website to see who spent more than 2 minutes on your website and we save their information in our database to then later feed them specific content based on their search interest. For example, if someone liked one of your products, we will not let him sleep until he orders it. Our algorithm will show him your ads, interesting facts about the product, blog posts, and relevant promotions everywhere they go – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and millions of other sites.

Continuous optimization

PPC and retargeted marketing is an ever-changing game. To stay on top you need to continuously monitor, analyze, and optimize your approach. We never just set up and forget your campaigns If your cost per click can be lowered or your conversion rate can be improved or if there’s a new trend coming up in your industry or a new competitor, we are aware of it and know how to act accordingly.

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