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As a business owner, you don’t have time to mess around (and neither do we). So we’ve created a straightforward, get-it-done web design process proven to minimize stress and maximize success.

Increase website conversions by 25% or more

It takes people 0.5 seconds to decide whether to stay on your website or hit the back button — and while that’s defined by your website design, it doesn’t mean that “beautiful” websites are the effective ones.

At Juniper Consulting Group we’ve reached an average increase of 25% conversion rate for our customers in 6 months. We do it by constantly learning and improving our process to make prospects not only stay on your website, but go through it, get their questions answered and, eventually, buy your product/service.


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How We Produce Stellar Websites


Understanding Your Target Market
We analyze marketing channels, audience metrics and current performance, so that we can develop an understanding of your business and what drives your customers.


Convert More Users, Make More Money
By having inviting customer-friendly design with properly implemented sales funnel, your website design has a chance to generate more leads. This means spending less on marketing while getting more outcome.


Our Proven Process for Building Result-Driven Website design
Our web agency plans, builds, and designs your project from start to finish while focusing on results, amazing user experience and, of course, looks.


Trackable Analytics for Optimum Results
Thanks to our outstanding analytical tools, the performance of your website will be easy to track and manage. You’ll always know what’s working and why – which means you’ll continuously uncover new ways to attract clients.


Everything we do is rooted in relationships, because we believe digital is far from distant.

Getting to know the people we work with and helping them achieve their goals is at the core of who we are.

We ask a lot of questions because finding the best solution starts with making sure we know what you need.

We dive into different ideas through a collaborative, data-driven process to determine the best approach.


We communicate openly and often to maintain a transparent process and clarity about project details.


We share a collective growth mindset, always pursue inspiration, and never compromise on quality.

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