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Building a strong foundation

Each and every prospect you attract through your combined marketing efforts fall within a certain category. The closer they are to purchasing; the more they are able to pay and the better they’re aligned with your company’s values — the higher their quality. Attracting quality leads means building a strong foundation for recurring revenue and recommendations, and what company doesn’t want that?

There’s just one problem — attracting high quality leads is difficult. There’s a limited number of people who fit that categorization for every industry and all your competitors are fighting to attract their attention. If you let Comrade work on your inbound & content marketing strategy, you have nothing to worry about. Over the last 10 years, we have perfected our process of identifying and engaging the right kind of buyer personas through thought- leadership type of content that makes them remember your brand and continue to buy from you again and again.

In their strive to create appealing, likable, and shareable content, many marketing specialist forget that their clients ultimately hire them to increase revenue and profits. Our revenue-centric approach to inbound marketing includes both attracting more readers (which means your content shouldn’t just be top quality, but should also be SEO friendly) and taking them through a proven-to-work process. This process includes different stages that include: interesting the client, engaging them, making them take action, getting insight into how to inspire them to take the next step (i.e. take their credit cards out of their wallets) and nurture them to do it over and over. This process consists of generating and correctly distributing various type of content, including videos, targeted e-mails, articles, retargeting ads, and much more.

What gets measured gets improved

What gets measured gets improved, but how do you measure the effectiveness of content? Sometimes, generating high quality content brings long-term benefits to your business that are difficult to quantify. However, by identifying your specific goals and using the latest software on the market — including the ever-evolving HubSpot software — we manage to analyze what parts of our inbound strategy work better than expected and what parts can be improved. This means continuous optimization that inevitably leads to better results. And the unmeasurable long-term benefits? They’re still there for you to enjoy.

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