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About Juniper.

We love solving design, technology, and marketing challenges that help propel our client’s success to their next level!
Our Approach Starts With Strategy
The Juniper team consists of passionate individuals who approach every client project with fresh eyes and tailored tactics. Our work, both independently and collectively, is designed to support a professional business model while contributing to its success. We’re here to help your buisness achieve its goals through a multidisciplinary approach to strategic digital marketing. Our clients range in size from single-member businesses to large professional practices, each relying on our team for expert industry knowledge (in both our field as well as their medical  or dental specialty). The attentive service you desire is the attentive service you may anticipate. We’re on your side. Results don’t happen overnight – it’s a process. We work within achievable timelines. Strong structure based on excellent design, web development, and dynamic content integrating SEO. Moving forward we evolve social media campaigns, generate new content to keep users interested, and evaluate the effectiveness with solid metrics.
How We Produce Stellar Websites


Understanding Your Target Market
We analyze marketing channels, audience metrics and current performance, so that we can develop an understanding of your business and what drives your customers.


Convert More Users, Make More Money
By having inviting customer-friendly design with properly implemented sales funnel, your website design has a chance to generate more leads. This means spending less on marketing while getting more outcome.


Our Proven Process for Building Result-Driven Website design
Our web agency plans, builds, and designs your project from start to finish while focusing on results, amazing user experience and, of course, looks.


Trackable Analytics for Optimum Results
Thanks to our outstanding analytical tools, the performance of your website will be easy to track and manage. You’ll always know what’s working and why – which means you’ll continuously uncover new ways to attract clients.

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